Mandatory Registration

The Registered Dietitians Act requires individuals who have the training to be a member of a profession and who are working in the profession to be registered. A person must apply for registration with the College if they intend to:

  • provide professional services directly to the public
  • provide professional services that are used by other regulated members and individuals to provide services directly to the public
  • supervise members of the College who provide professional services to the public

If a member is aware of individuals who meet the above criteria and who are not listed on the Register, it is their responsibility to report this information to the College.

Registration Requirements

The College establishes the education and training that is required for entry into the profession. Registration with the College assures the public and employers that an individual has met the standards for academic and practical experience required for the practice of the profession of dietetics.

Routes of Entry

The route of entry requires that an individual has obtained the combination of education and experience established by the profession. These requirements are a Bachelors degree majoring in human nutritional sciences and graduation from a dietetic internship.

Individuals may also be registered if they come from another jurisdiction whose standards for the registration of dietitians is equivalent. In Canada, these jurisdictions are recognized under mutual recognition agreements the College has established with other Canadian dietetic regulators.

Another avenue for registration allows an individual to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Board of Assessors that their acquired education and experience are substantially equivalent to the registration requirements. Generally this involves the use of a variety of prior learning assessment strategies and tools.

Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination (CDRE)

Candidates for registration are also required to pass the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination (CDRE). This exam confirms candidates have the minimal level of competence to practice. National examination committees comprised of provincial representatives set the CDRE. The College of Dietitians of Manitoba along with the other Canadian dietetic regulators, approves the examination blueprint as well as policies and procedures for the administration of the examination, and monitors examination results.

The CDRE is scheduled in May and November each year.

Current Practice

Candidates for registration have to establish that their qualifications for registration are current within three years prior to their application for registration, or they will be required to undertake academic and/or experiential upgrading.

The College of Dietitians of Manitoba Regulation requires that every applicant for registration or renewal of their certificate provide evidence of good character and reputation. This involves a declaration that information provided to the College is complete and accurate, that the applicant has not been disciplined by another profession or in another jurisdiction, and has not been charged with or convicted of a criminal offence, or does not suffer from a physical or mental condition, disorder or addiction. If this declaration cannot be made the application is referred to the Board of Assessors to determine whether the public is at risk and if a certificate will be issued.

Omitting or misrepresenting information to the College is a serious matter and may result in registration being refused or a certificate being suspended or cancelled.

Use of Protected Titles

The protected titles of the College are:

  • Registered Dietitian
  • RD
  • Dietitian
  • Graduate Dietitian
  • Dietetic Intern

Titles are not portable. Health professionals must be registered in the province where they practice to have a right to title. Registration in one province does not mean title may be used while working in another province.

Membership with the Dietitians of Canada does not confer the right to use professional titles. Only registration with a provincial regulatory body allows professionals to use protected titles.

It is every member’s responsibility to protect the integrity of the profession by reporting misuse of title to the College. The database of the College lists regulated members of the College and is completed each year after membership renewal. It is updated throughout the year so members will know who is authorized to use the protected professional designations.

College Registers

The College maintains four registers.

Registered Dietitian Register

Individuals who have met all the criteria for registration are entered into the Registered Dietitians Register.

Members on the Registered Dietitians Register have the right to use the protected titles of Registered Dietitian, RD and Dietitian.

Graduate Dietitian Register

The Graduate Dietitian Register is for applicants who have met academic and practical training requirements, but have not yet written the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination or are waiting for results. Graduate Dietitian registration with the College allows graduates to practice according to College regulations, with the exception of supervising other regulated members while waiting to write the CDRE. Registration on the Graduate Dietitian Register expires 8 weeks after the date of the registration examination.

Graduate Dietitian registrants may only use the protected title “Graduate Dietitian” and may not use the word “Registered” or the initials “RD”.  For further information about this, please click on the below policy.


Dietetic Intern Register

The Dietetic Intern Register is for applicants who have met academic requirements and are registered in a dietetic internship program approved by Council. Dietetic Interns are permitted to use the title “Dietetic Intern” and are allowed to practice under direct supervision only.

Temporary Register

The Temporary Register accommodates dietitians registered in another jurisdiction that is recognized by Council, who may be practicing in Manitoba on a temporary basis. Practice on this register is limited to the specific purpose for which the registration is granted and is time limited.

Individuals on this register may use the protected titles of Registered Dietitian, Dietitian, RD or another approved regulated title (ie. Professional Dietitian, P.Dt.)