Canadian Health Care System

Canadian Dietetic Practice Orientation and Self Assessment Tool

This website is designed for Internationally Educated Dietitians interested in exploring dietetic practice in Canada.

After reviewing the information on this website, click on "Complete my Self-Assessment' to assess your level of knowledge and skill compared to the standards required to practice dietetics in Canada.

We also recommend clicking on "how to use this website" to find more about what a dietitian does in Canada.

Canadian Health Care System, Culture and Context

Course is designed for internationally educated health professionals who are in the process of becoming licensed in Canada.

This course will provide learners with a deepened understanding of the Canadian health care systems, what Canadian patients expect from their health care providers, and how to communicate with patients and caregivers.  Participants will have an opportunity to interact with other internationally educated health professionals in a supportive learning environment.

For further information, please visit their website at