Academic Upgrading and Practicum Assessment

Academic Upgrading

Academic upgrading may be required by an applicant if recommended by the Board of Assessors.

All courses for academic upgrading are approved by the Board of Assessors.  The Board of Assessors will advise the applicant which courses are required.

Work experience in lieu of upgrading and education requirements is not acceptable.

For further information about academic upgrading, please contact the College.

Practicum Assessment

Practicum assessment may be required by an applicant and/or member if recommended by the Board of Assessors.

This is an assessment to ensure entry level competencies are achieved by the applicant.  It is not an educational training program.

The length of time for the practicum assessment is established by the Board of Assessors and based on the individual's needs.  The College works in conjunction with the Manitoba Partnership Program to deliver this assessment.

Any fees charged for the Practicum Assessment are the responsibility of the applicant.

For further information about the Practicum Assessment, please review the following booklet or contact the College of Dietitians of Manitoba.