Council Information


The governing body of the College is the Council. The role of the Council is to manage and conduct the activities of the College in accordance with the Act, Regulations and Bylaws. The Council is comprised of regulated members and public members. Public members are required to assure transparency and accountability for the public.

Council Mandate

To ensure public protection and confidence, Council members unite their diverse expertise to build and maintain a strong governance foundation, provide strategic direction to management and demonstrate leadership to the College's shareholder and stakeholders.

Accountability of the College

The legislative mandate of the College is to carry out its activities and govern its members in a manner that protects the public interest.

The College has several areas of accountability:

  • To the public through access to information on its members and the means of recourse through the College‚Äôs complaints and remediation
  • To the government through the appointment of public members on our Council
  • To the Minister of Health by the requirement to file an annual report and a financial statement
  • To the Court of Manitoba in the right for fair and open policy appeal mechanisms
  • To the College members by the election of members to the Council