Updated June 20, 2007

About the College

The College of Dietitians of Manitoba is the regulating body within the province for dietitians and the profession of dietetics. Our primary role is to regulate the practice of dietitians within the province to ensure protection of the public. Through the Registered Dietitians Act of Manitoba, we regulate the practice of dietitians. The College establishes the scope of practice, determines education standards and ensures the competency of it's members.

The following titles are protected in Manitoba under the Registered Dietitians Act (2005):

Registered Dietitian, RD, Dietitian, Graduate Dietitian, Dietetic Intern

All individuals who will be practicing in the capacity of a dietitian, that is, providing dietetic service/advice to the public, must be registered with the College of Dietitians of Manitoba.

Titles are not portable.  Health professionals must be registered in the province where they practice to have the right to use title.  Registration in one province does not mean title may be used while working in another province.

For example:

*Dietetic interns coming to Manitoba for a portion of their internship must be registered with the College.

*Dietitians coming to Manitoba for a speaking engagement in which advice is being provided to the public, must be registered with the College.

Note that membership with Dietitians of Canada does not confer right to use professional titles.  Only registration with a provincial regulatory body allows professionals to use protected titles.

Mandate of the College of Dietitians of M anitoba

The College of Dietitians of Manitoba is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to regulating the practice of dietetics in the province.  The College ensures all registrants meet the educational standards established by the Council, and ensures all registrants are competent and practice in the public interest.  The College sets the standards for the delivery of safe, effective and ethical services to the public by dietitians.


Optimizing health and well-being for all Manitobans through excellence in nutrition practice.

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