Are you concerned about how the food you eat affects your health? Confused about all the conflicting information regarding nutrition? Well the College of Dietitians of Manitoba is by your side.

The profession of dietetics is the only regulated nutrition profession in Manitoba, and only members of the College of Dietitians of Manitoba can call themselves Registered Dietitians or RDs. The RD means you have a highly trained person to give you safe, ethical and science-backed nutrition services for healthy eating.

So when you need nutrition advice to treat and manage health issues like diabetes or heart disease, to choose good nutrition for your family and community, or to optimize athletic performance, your Registered Dietitian is qualified to help you.

Please view the following secure videos, which shows how an RD can help you!

Videos from Registered Dietitians in the Media

The College of Dietitians of Manitoba is a member of the Manitoba Alliance of Health Regulatory Colleges. Together, we have developed a video that highlights the benefits of choosing a regulated health care professional. The three key messages focus on protection, safety and ethical care. For more information, please visit their website at: .