Accessing a Dietitian

Registered Dietitians (RD's) play a major role in healthcare, government, education and industry. RD's who counsel individuals on nutrition related matters may work within hospitals, community access centers and medical clinics. There is usually no fee invloved for RD services in these areas. However, a referral from your family doctor may be required.

There are also RD's who work in private practice as consulting RD's on a fee-for-service basis. Many private insurance carriers will cover the services of an RD. RD's are also qualified to provide other services to individuals or organizations such as presentations and workshops. The fees involved for these services will vary.

For more information, find a Private Practice/Consulting RD using this website. This will bring you to the Find a Private Practice Registered Dietitian search where you can find the contact information for an RD in your area who provides consulting services.

To obtain services of an RD:

  • Talk to your family doctor and ask for a referral to a RD
  • Find a RD who works in private practice on a fee-for-service basis - Search this website
  • Call your local community access center and inquire about available RD services