Registered Dietitians (RD's) are uniquely trained to advise you on food, diet and nutrition.  Registered Dietitians are essential members of the healthcare team and contribute to the health and well being of Manitobans.

They provide information and counselling that enable consumers to make informed decisions about food choices and nutrition services.  They influence the development and promotion of consumer products and manage quality food service in healthcare institutions.

Registered Dietitians in Manitoba adhere to the Registered Dietitian Act (2002), Registered Dietitians Regulations (2004) and College of Dietitians of Manitoba Bylaws (2006).

Part two of the Registered Dietitian Act outlines practice of dietetics as follows:

"2 Practice of Dietetics"

The practice of dietetics means the translation and application of scientific knowledge of foods and human nutrition through:

a) Assessment, design, implementation and evaluation of nutritional interventions

b) Integration of food and nutrition principles in the management of food service systems

c) dissemination of information to attain, maintain, promote and protect the health of individuals, groups and the community

Members of the profession work in a wide variety of practice areas and are involved in the following activities:

Clinical Dietetics, Community Dietetics, Public Health, Food Service Management, Private Practice, Food Industry and Marketing Boards